Reuniting owners with their lost items

Attach tagosi products to your valuables and
receive a message when a lost item is found

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When a lost item is scanned you get an alert

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Attach to valuables

Buy tagosi and your contact info is stored in our secure database (no info is on the tags etc)

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Found item is scanned

When someone finds a lost item of yours, they scan the QR code or go to site & enter code

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Arrange the return

Chat with the finder anonymously via our messaging system and arrange to get item back

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  • Fast, safe, simple

  • Worldwide cover. Fix tagosi to anything. Property usually returned in minutes. No hidden fees. The finder scans the code or visits the website to message you.

  • No tracking technology

  • All tagosi products are text & QR code based tech, so absolutely no tracking of you and your loved ones (unlike other property protection solutions)

  • 'The Big Pack' includes:

  • 4 x metal luggage tags

  • 2 x purse/wallet cards

  • 2 x metal keyrings

  • 8 x wash-proof labels

  • 6 x tough stickers

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4 metal tags with a lifetime of global protection for £15
- once you have bought the tags, you can buy extra items in our Shop

We have also partnered with what3words, so wherever you are in the world, you can have the exact location sent to you in the chat feature (which is especially useful if you are abroad)

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Tag anything!

Have you lost belongings before? If yes, then you’ll know what a hassle it is to get them returned (if it’s possible at all). Tagosi provides various tags, keyrings, stickers and cards. These are a mix of metal, matt-polycarbonate, plastic and clothes labels, all of which are dishwasher & washing machine safe.

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If you lose something

When someone finds a lost item of yours, they scan the QR code or visit tagosi.com to message you through our secure, anonymous system. This means you are instantly notified of its location. Usually, this is soon after you have dropped something, so you can arrange to meet and be reunited quickly.

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No personal details are on the products and as all communication is through our encrypted system, your details are not disclosed (unless you allow phone calls when joining). You can also have the person’s location sent to you via what3words in the chat. You can update your contact info if it changes through our website.

The tagosi Big Pack

tagosi pack

Stickers are weatherproof matt polycarbonate

Labels are dishwasher & washing machine safe

Buy 4 tags for £15 (purchase additional tagosi products in our Shop separately), or subscribe for £10 a year. Subscription not only includes the full ‘Big Pack’, but also a new smaller pack of items each year (you can choose which items you receive - including any products yet to be listed).

We were shocked by these UK statistics:

Studies show that the average person loses over 3,000 items in a lifetime. Here are a few figures:

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10 Million per year

Mobile phones & devices:

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5 Million per year

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Childrens items:

1,000 per child over their school career

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Wallets & purses:

1.5 Million per year

lost luggage graphic



25 Million per year

(Based on studies by the RAC, moneysupermarket.com and other organisations)

Tag any item even your child!