NAS pack

The NAS Pack is offered to autistic people and families of people on the spectrum. This includes various items that you can attach to your belongings. Each item has a unique code that allows the finder of an item to instantly alert you and arrange its return. No contact info is on the items or on our messaging service.

This special pack not only benefits you and your family, but also the National Autistic Society as 20% of the profit is donated to them. The cost is a one-off fee of £15 - great value for a lifetime of protection!

When a lost item is scanned you get an alert

lost camera graphic

Attach to valuables

Buy tagosi and your contact info is stored in our secure database (no info is on the tags etc)

lost teddy graphic

Found item is scanned

When someone finds a lost item of yours, they scan the QR code or go to site & enter code

tagosi communication

Arrange the return

Chat with the finder anonymously via our messaging system and arrange to get item back

tagosi app conversation image
  • Fast, safe, simple

  • Worldwide cover. Fix tagosi to anything. Property usually returned in minutes. No hidden fees. The finder scans the code or visits the website to message you.

  • No tracking technology

  • All tagosi products are text & QR code based tech, so absolutely no tracking of you and your loved ones (unlike other property protection solutions)

tagosi National Autistic Society pack:

tagosi NAS items
tagosi NAS items
tagosi NAS items

1 x bag or keyring tag
(tough aluminium disk)

20 x labels
(dishwasher & washing machine safe)

The labels stick to items such as; toy or clothing washing instruction tags, water bottles, books, toys & fabrics etc.

tagosi NAS items

Enter your details, then click the verify email link we send you (please check junk folder if you don’t get straight away).